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Double Chocolate Cupcakes

I was in the mood to bake something chocolatey this afternoon. Not for any particular reason, it is just a regular old Thursday. I had some free time, which I should have probably used to study and catch up on reading for class, but baking sounded wayyyy more fun. Most people go on Facebook or pinterest to procrastinate, I bake.

These chocolate cupcakes are delish! They are fudgy and wonderful. Especially if you under bake them by a minute or two. The cupcake recipe is my personal recipe and for the chocolate buttercream, I used the recipe from Magnolia Bakery's cookbook (located at the bottom of this post, below recipe for cupcakes).

Cinnamon Walnut Banana Bread

Why, hello there! It is spring break for this girl and I am super happy. I am currently on the beach in the tropics, laying on the sand in a bikini while smoking hot native men are cooling me down with palm fronds and feeding me mango. Not true, but how I wish that were true! I am actually drinking tea in the kitchen of my parents' house in Atlanta, Georgia with my apron on because I just made the most delicious banana bread. My favorite part of being at my parents' house is the kitchen. It's beautiful, with country white cabinets, 4 times the size of my NYC apartment kitchen, and it always has any ingredient for baking everything. Coming home to bake is my vacation. Plus, it's always more fun getting to share goodies with the family instead of them just sitting in my kitchen. This banana bread recipe was originally my mother's and is amazing. For the bananas, the riper and blacker the peel, the better. Is blacker a word?

Red Velvet Cupcakes + Cream Cheese Frosting

So I know it's been almost a month since Valentine's Day, but I finally got around to posting these cupcakes that I made. Red velvet cupcakes, in my opinion, are amazing and can be enjoyed anytime of year, but are perfect for Valentine's Day! I even decorated them using pink liners that had red and white little hearts on them, red edible glitter and gold dragees.

I used to make these with a vanilla buttercream, but recently switched to cream cheese frosting because it's not as sweet and balances out the flavors of the red velvet cake better.