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German Chocolate Cake

With Mother's Day coming up, I cannot wait to make my Mom's favorite cake. German chocolate cake also happens to be one of my favorite cakes too, so it's a definite win-win! I have made quite a few variations of this cake over the years, but this one is my favorite. The cake is rich and decadent and the frosting adds a wonderful bit of coconut and pecan. I usually make the frosting and assemble the cake ten to fifteen minutes before I am planning on serving because it is amazing hot off the stove!

Red Wine Sangria

I know what you're thinking, this is not a dessert! This is one of the first really warm weekends we have had in NYC, it's going to be 67 degrees out today! As the weather is so beautiful, today calls for something refreshing and of course alcoholic. This is one of my favorite Sangria recipes. If you can, try to get blood oranges, they're at the end of their season, but sometimes are still available. Even without, it's amazing. Time to pull out the lawn chairs, head up to the roof, drink some sangria and get my tan on before finals start next week!

Slutty Brownies

As we were growing up, our mothers taught us to be wary of all sorts of things: drugs, alcohol, the effects of improperly blending tinted moisturizer. One thing our Mamas never warned us about: The Slutty Brownie.