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Carrot Cake + Cinnamon Cream Cheese Frosting

My family was celebrating my father's birthday last night. I made barbecued pulled pork sandwiches, open faced on honey wheat rolls, topped with caramelized onions for dinner and my dad's favorite cake for dessert, Carrot Cake. It's a simple two layer cake iced with a cinnamon cream cheese frosting that is to die for.

Naughty Cookies

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I give you the Naughty Cookie. A milk chocolate cookie baked with chocolate chips, pecan pieces, smooth caramel, and toffee bits. A cookie so wickedly divine that it must be related to the Slutty Brownie. In fact, it's the slightly less promiscuous cousin.

Banana Oatmeal Breakfast Cookies

It's finals week for me. Every semester during this time, I stock up on food and snacks that I know are going to get me through all my studying without any sugar crashes. I took a much needed break from studying for my Business Law final to make these. I wanted something sweet, but not something that was going to give me a sugar rush and cause me to crash in an hour. Not very helpful when trying to memorize the Statute of Frauds. I love these because I can eat them with my coffee at the library in the morning and not feel bad about having cookies for breakfast. I actually feel a bit rebellious, doing things my mother never let me do as a child. Jokes. These are way healthier than most children's breakfast cereals. Plus, with the added protein, these will keep you going way longer than any other cookie, perfect when spending hours at the library studying for final exams.

Apple Cinnamon Coffee Cake

Finals week starts on Monday. I was in the middle of studying when I felt like baking a little something and had coffee on my mind and in my mug. So, I took a little break from the books to make these muffins. They are so delicious that I've already eaten two while writing this. It's my own twist on a classic coffee cake recipe. I love the addition of the apples and brewed coffee to the cake batter. It really sets these muffins apart from the usual coffee cake. I love anything that's a bit different and these are amazing!