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New Year's Eve

So you've decided to have that New Year's Eve Party after all? But really, who doesn't love a little spontaneity, because I surely do! The only problem with planning a bash at the drop of a hat is gathering all the essentials.

Need a little last minute NYE party planning inspiration? Well, look no further. With these easy go-to's, you can start planning that party without chaos ensuing. Welllll, there might be some chaos, but at least the party will be planned oh-so fabulously ( + just in the nick of time).

So stop worrying about finding that champagne recipe and start thinking about with whom you'll share that midnight kiss. Wink wink.

Over at Haute Chocolate [images from here] you can find a collection of perfect party printables for covering champagne and wine bottles as well as scripted confetti that can be thrown or added to cake toppers and placed atop some sparkly cupcakes.


What New Year's Eve party would be complete without a few goodies to nibble on? There's always the easy go-to of a baked brie with red pepper jelly atop crostini. Instead, try this Herbed Goat Cheese + Roasted Beet Tarte [picture + recipe from here].


Now for the bubbly! When all my siblings and I get together for the holidays at our parent's, we are almost always drinking this Cava cocktail (Cava is the Spanish equivalent of Champagne). It's delicious and refreshing and so easy to make. Purchase two bottles of St. Germain's and eight bottles of Cava for sixteen to twenty people.

Del Fresco
per glass

1 oz. St. Germain Elderflower Liquer
3 oz. Cava
1 Smashed Basil Leaf

Smash basil leaf in between your palms and drop into champagne flute. Add St. Germain's, then add Cava. Toast and enjoy!