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Vanilla Bean Pancakes with a Warm Blueberry Compote

Sunday morning pancakes, could there be anything better? Ummm... probably not. When they're vanilla bean pancakes topped with a warm blueberry compote? Unless George Clooney is feeding them to you poolside with a Bellini, definitely not.

Crisp wintry mornings just got a whoooole lot better. You're welcome.

Banana Bread Pancakes with Vanilla Maple Glaze

I have friends and we make pancakes on Sunday mornings. We call ourselves the pancake squad. Because... obviously.

Roman Spaghetti with Squash

This is the start of something new... While I am a diehard baker to my core, I also am fairly fond of the savory sort of cooking, so I thought I would share one of my favorite recipes. It's quite easy and fairly straight forward. Enjoy!

Bourbon Blondies + Brown Butter Frosting

Summer in the city. A little hot, but mostly beautiful. New York has yet to sink into its hot, sticky, everything-smells-like-garbage kinda summer and we're relishing (food puns, anyone?) that it hasn't. It's actually been kinda perfect. Able to wear white jeans and summer blouses without sweating buckets kinda perfect. And we love it. Since it's not quite hot enough to dread turning on the oven, we figured why not bake a little something extra to celebrate the solstice + the official beginning of summer. Nothing quite adds a little something extra than a touch of bourbon to a blondie. Holler.

Watermelon Agua Frescas

It's finally starting to feel like summer is around the corner after a long, dreary winter (let's be real - it snowed in April). Summery weather leads to some of the best things: outdoor picnics, barbeques, days spent at the beach and many fun + outdoorsy activities. Another reason to love summer weather? The fresh cocktails that accompany.

Lemon Sugar Cookies

Spring has finally sprung, or so it seems. Maybe it's because the sun has already risen when we first throw off the duvet in the morning, or that it seems to still be up when heading to happy hour after work, but whatever it is, I love it. Now that it's April, it's about time NYC is feelin spring. Spring means the changing of colors; no longer are we surrounded by darks and neutrals, but brights + florals. With these new trends and colors also comes new flavors, like juicy mango and rouge strawberries of just the right sweetness. Then there's another favorite, the zesty and tart, yet perfectly fresh: the lemon. Although lemons can be grown year round, there's something about them that makes them the perfect complement to a sugar cookie in spring. They keep the flavor fresh and add the slightest tangy taste.

Blueberry Vanilla Bean Ice Cream in Cookie Cups

What's a girl to do when everywhere outside is covered in week-old snow? It seems that New York is trapped in an endless cycle of snow turning into slush repeating over and over again with a touch of ice and a lot of wind. The weather is so unpredictable that the only way to dress is somewhat practical: snow boots all day everyday. Don't get me wrong, I love my bean boots, but I'm not a huge fan of the whole boots-everyday-to-the-office-with-a-pair-of-flats-in-my-purse thing. I long for the days where I can get away with just my flat boots or a pair of flats. Unfortunately though, it seems like ways away as more snow is on the horizon.

Star Provisions Shrimp Po'boy

I'm spending this weekend down in Atlanta visiting my parents. They are as much of foodies as I am and love to eat out at different cafes, diners, and anywhere with delicious food and a good ambience. What more can you ask of a meal out? One of our favorite places to stop for lunch is Star Provisions located in midtown west Atlanta near Georgia Tech. It's very relaxed and they're known for their long communal tables with picnic benches, amazing pastries, and killer sandwiches. My personal favorite: the shrimp po'boy. It is the south, y'all.

Corn Muffins

January is looking pretty bleak. Currently New York is rocking an 18 degree high with a real feel of 4. And the forecast is not looking so hot. Literally. Im just hoping we can get past freezing in this next week. Right now, the 30's would practically be paradise. Figuratively. Right now, I want my apartment to be as warm as possible, so I figured I should probably use the time I have cuddled under my duvet to my advantage and catch up on baking posts from the a few weeks ago. I spent the winter holidays down south with my parents in Atlanta where it was a lovely 50 something degrees most days. We took a trip to a farmers market and bought a bunch of sweet corn, perfect for corn muffins. This is one of my favorite recipes for corn muffins so far because there are actual kernels in the mix instead of just cornmeal. And they're absolutely amazing with barbecue.