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Corn Muffins

January is looking pretty bleak. Currently New York is rocking an 18 degree high with a real feel of 4. And the forecast is not looking so hot. Literally. Im just hoping we can get past freezing in this next week. Right now, the 30's would practically be paradise. Figuratively. Right now, I want my apartment to be as warm as possible, so I figured I should probably use the time I have cuddled under my duvet to my advantage and catch up on baking posts from the a few weeks ago. I spent the winter holidays down south with my parents in Atlanta where it was a lovely 50 something degrees most days. We took a trip to a farmers market and bought a bunch of sweet corn, perfect for corn muffins. This is one of my favorite recipes for corn muffins so far because there are actual kernels in the mix instead of just cornmeal. And they're absolutely amazing with barbecue.