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Berries + Cream Pie

Every year there's one day where we know for sure that this is it; it is finally the end of Winter, no matter how long ago Spring "technically" started. That day happened not too long ago, ushering in the start of sundresses and jean jackets; lunches in the park; and Saturdays spend cooling off with a cocktail in the company of close friends. With the newly regained warm, sunny weather, comes all the fresh fruit of the season. What to do with it? Make a pie, of course!

Chocolate Chip Pancakes

Chocolate chip pancakes are such an all time favorite. Thinking about them brings me back to memories of my siblings and I sitting around the island in my parents' kitchen while anxiously awaiting a plate of hot, chocolatey, and gooey flapjacks made by the hands of my father.

Here's to Pancake Saturdays. Bon App├ętit.