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AVA started this blog in 2011 as a way to share her recipes and love of travel and food with the world. Much of her inspiration stems from her mother, Sabrina, who has always had a passion for travel and adventure. As a result, Ava revels in the ability to travel and experience new cities and cultures.

Growing up in Canada and Arizona, Ava has always cherished the amount of time she can spend with her family. One of their gathering places is their kitchen. Growing up, she could be found spending most weekends with them, cooking and baking. She spent much of her childhood as a sous chef to her parents before beginning to develop her own recipes and love of food.

She currently lives and attends university in New York City. 


Edmonton, Alberta in Western Canada.

October 23. It's the best day of the year!

Favorite Color
Rich shades of purple and olive greens

Favorite Part of New York City
Walking through Central Park, hot tea in hand, while the leaves are falling in Autumn. And wandering around Chelsea and the Village, where there are many little vintage shops full of knick knacks and chachkas. It's these places that you find one of a kind pieces.

Favorite Meal
Sunday brunch, not complete without smoked salmon eggs benedict and a bloody mary.

Favorite Dessert
Macarons. Raspberry. Salted Caramel. Vanilla Bean. Pistachio.

For more on Ava, visit her personal site here.